Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Thermolam?

Thermolam is the answer to all expectations regarding facades and insulation, as it eliminates problems generated by other solutions for covering and insulating buildings.


Thermolam offers durability, good looks and savings.


All of these features at the highest level available on the market.


Thermolam also offers simple, fast and, most importantly, reliable and durable assembly. Thermolam assembly is based on an innovative system of mechanical slings on which complete panels (plate + insulation) are mounted to a building.


Thermolam technology is an innovative method of production of a new type of thermal insulation panel for covering building facades. It offers a unique combination of ceramic panels and insulating material with outstanding thermal, operational, assembly and aesthetic qualities. The Thermolam system combines the advantages of all previously used insulation techniques for building facades.


More detailed information on the benefits of using Thermolam panels can be found in the Technology section and answers to further questions in the FAQ section.


How does Thermolam beat foamed polystyrene, mineral wool and other insulation materials?

Incomparably greater durability and aesthetics, at the same time with much better thermal parameters!


Thermolam offers ready-made, complete facade and insulation panels, together with an integrated sling system for simple, quick and durable mounting on a building.


Thermolam is an extremely attractive option considering the entire cost of facade material, assembly materials and the installation itself, thus significantly reducing the operating costs of a building.


Thermolam panels are non-absorbable, which means that they do not lose their thermal properties as opposed to damp mineral wool. Unlike styrofoam, Thermolam does not degrade.


A Thermolam facade lasts forever.


How much does Thermolam cost compared to stone facades and why does it pay to use it?

The Thermolam system is an extremely cost-effective competitive for all stone facade systems.

The basic prices of stone cladding in ventilated facades are:


  • granite: 500-1600 PLN/sqm
  • travertine: 500-1200 PLN/sqm
  • sandstone: 400-800 PLN/sqm

These prices contain a large dispersion resulting from the differences in the quality of the stone offered on the market. It should be noted that the lower price limit corresponds to stone slabs of a very low quality (high absorbability, porosity, low resistance to frost and the impact of aggressive atmospheric factors), very often coming from China.


A minimum of 250 PLN/sqm should be added to the above prices for 1 sqm of stone facade for the substructure necessary for its assembly, and a minimum of 30 PLN/sqm for periodic chemical protection (usually sufficient for 1 year) to protect the stone from the impact of aggressive external factors.


In summary, the total cost of making a stone facade using high-quality materials oscillates around 1000-1840 PLN/sqm.


For comparison, with all its advantages and features that beat stone elevations, the price of a Thermolam facade is in the range of only 500-1000 PLN/sqm.


A Thermolam facade does not require any periodic maintenance! It is completely resistant to external factors.


Thermolam also beats stone facades in assembly. Thermolam reduces the time and costs of facade assembly, such as labour or the cost of scaffolding.


An important advantage of a Thermolam facade is its resistance to graffiti. Stone facades do not have this resistance, which in their case makes removing graffiti problematic and often very costly.


A Thermolam facade is much more resistant to scratches and dirt than a stone facade.



How does Thermolam save energy and money?

Because of the extremely advantageous features of Thermolam facade panels, which translate into a low cost of assembly and subsequent operation of a building. The most important are:


  • extremely low heat loss, Thermolam’s coefficient of λ=0.025 W/mK is much lower than other insulating materials such as polystyrene or mineral wool, and the technology and assembly system eliminates the occurrence of thermal bridges,
  • long-lasting chemical resistance to stains, scratches, graffiti and UV rays, which eliminates the costs of maintenance and renovation,
  • extremely low weight of panels (about 12 kg), which eliminates the need for costly substructures,
  • elevation thickness of 12 cm, unusually low compared to other facades, which makes it possible to obtaining a significantly larger PUM surface in the same contour of a building, especially compared to stone facades,
  • simple and quick assembly regardless of weather conditions, which is unique in the market and allows investments to be accelerated,
  • low, total cost of the facade.

More detailed information on the benefits of using Thermolam panels can be found in the Technology section and answers to further questions in the FAQ section.


What does it mean that Thermolam is environmentally friendly?

The environmental friendliness of a Thermolam facade is its everlastingness, which means that there is no need to renovate the facade after a few years with all the associated waste.


Thermolam’s environmental friendliness means low heat emissions to the atmosphere (insulation values ​​of the material, assembly system eliminating the occurrence of thermal bridges).


What do I need for Thermolam to be the facade of my building?

Contact us using the information in the Contact section.


The most tangible financial benefits and aesthetic effects are achieved in cases where the facade is chosen at the design stage of a building.


How are Thermolam’s advantages confirmed?

Thermolam technology has a patent and all required tests. It has also been awarded many prizes.




  • Good Design Competition 2017 - THERMOLAM facade panels were selected as the Leader of the Competition in the NEW MATERIALS category.
  • The Good Design Competition 2017 is an annual competition organised by the Industrial Design Institute that rewards the best products and services with the title GOOD DESIGN 2017.
  • The Good Design Awards are also a sign that a manufacturer can use to mark its product on a store shelf to support and build strong Polish brands. They are awarded in nine categories: Home, Work, Public Sphere, Services, New Technologies, Graphics and pPckaging, New Materials, Transport and Communication, and Fashion and Accessories.
  • Award of the Association of Polish Architects – at the 50th International Building Fair in Bielsko-Biała, 23-25 ​​September 2016, Thermolam facade panels received the Award of the Association of Polish Architects


  • The Silver Construction Pillar in the Building Materials and Technologies category – at the 50th International Construction Fair in Bielsko-Biała, 23-25 ​​September 2016, Thermolam facade panels received the Silver Construction Pillar award in the Building Materials and Technologies category


Technical certificates:


  • National Technical Assessment ITB-KOT-2017/0087 Building Research Institute.
  • National Technical Assessment ITB-KOT-2017/0087 is a positive assessment of the functional properties of a construction product for the thermal insulation of external walls.
  • Certificate of the Building Research Institute confirming fire safety, classifying the product as not spreading fire in the event of fire from the facade




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