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Eutherm Sp. z o.o. – innovation, modern technologies, high quality, unparalleled aesthetics!


Eutherm Sp. z o.o. has been operating on the thermal insulation market since 2009.
We focus on key segments of the thermal insulation market:


  • residential construction
  • industrial construction
  • construction of sports facilities
  • construction of halls and public buildings
  • energy industry
  • thermal energy
  • chemical industry


By using EutherMil technology, we have achieved a strong position, supported by numerous recommendations, in the production of thermal insulation for overhead heating mains, steam pipelines, large-size tanks with hot and cold media.

About us
Advantages of the Thermolam panel

energy saving





easy to mount

Another success of Eutherm Sp. z o.o. are elevation panels using Thermolam technology.


Thermolam technology is an innovative method of production of a new type of thermal insulation panel for covering building facades. It offers a unique combination of ceramic panels and insulating material with outstanding thermal, operational, assembly and aesthetic qualities. The Thermolam system combines the advantages of all previously used insulation techniques for building facades.


Thermolam technology uses PSUR polyurethane-polystyrene composite to produce insulating materials.


We carry out thermal insulation standard and non-standard orders of our customers. We implement them using innovative technology based on high quality and modern standards.


We have our own modern research laboratory. Our experienced specialists development each product and assure its quality. Research and development is the foundation of every innovative technology company.


The main work of our laboratory is to:


  • obtain innovative PSUR insulating material for the production of Thermolam facade panels,
  • control the quality of raw materials obtained from producers of polyurethane systems,
  • analyse products, defining the properties and insulating and mechanical parameters of polyurethane foams,
  • develop our own thermal insulation systems, based on rigid polyurethane foams, tailored to the individual needs of end-users,
  • control the production and quality of thermal insulation materials for insulating heating pipes,
  • assess the quality of the thermal insulation of buildings and heating pipes using thermal imaging cameras.


One of our goals is environmental protection. The best and at the same time the most durable way to reduce heat loss and greenhouse gas emissions is to modernise outdated and low-quality existing thermal insulation. Replacement with high-quality thermal insulation is particularly important to combat the greenhouse effect and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


Thermolam SP. Z O.O.

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